I grew up in countryside Romania where I would see my grandfather take the chicken from the encosure and kill it in front of me. That is what was for lunch in my soup and on my plate. I knew what I was eating. Before Chirstmas, i was terrified to hear the screaming of the pig taken to its death. I have to admit i did enjoy its « sorici » (pig skin…sound horrible but we really prepared it nicely in Romania) yet i understood clearly what was happening.

It was only logical for me to give up eating meat as soon as I became independant and I found a bit of balance in my life. Beacuse vegetarianism is not somthing to go to straightover.

But let me first try to convince to to go for it! Her’s why! For me, the first reasons is for the animals, for their suffering, for no beeing should be born with its only purpose being death. Do these animals diserve a life of torture, with commanded sleep, eating, breading, death, just for us to have…a steak in our plate?

And if that is not a reson enough, if you want to make a serious difference for the environment, eating less/no meat can actually have a really big impact! Think that for producing 1 gram of meat protein the emission of greenhouse gas is 62 grams while for 1 gram of vegetable proteins it is 0.25! What a difference! And i am talking only for 1 gram of protein! At a global scale, the FAO has recently estimated that livestock (including poultry) accounts for about 14.5 percent of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. The water consumption is 8 to 10 times higher. Just check Wikipedia for « Environmental Impact of meat industry » if you want all numbers. So if you really want to make a fast, considerable difference for the environment, lower your meat consumption or just go vegetarian.

Vegetarian dish at Tien-Hiang in Paris

Yet i have to add that in my opinion, going vegetarian is not for everyone. I believe for some it is easier than for others. I am lucky to be in a city where we have options both in organic markets (Naturalia, Bio C’est Bon, BioCoop), supermarkets (I get todu from Monoprix, there is also in Carefour), and even when going for restaurants. I believe that for the vast majority of the population, the solution is just to have a more aware, responsible consumption of meat. Do you remember that the World Health Organisation reccomended eating meat only twice/three times per week? If we would all do that, we would actually be on the right path to staying in those 1.5 degrees of global warming.

Myself, i had some problems with veganism. I only tried it once, without any preparation and knowledge of what it meant and what i needed to change in my diet. And i ended up in my fourth big anemia and with a lot of bloating. Going veagn means you have to pay more attention to mentaining an equilibrate diet. I didn’t. My bad. I think some day i will do it seriously yet i am still not decided as I still want to enjoy some of the culinary richness of the world.

Lacto-fermented vegetables are important for a healthy digestion when you got a vegan diet

Let me tell you now some of the benefits of being vegetarian:

  • you get lots of vitamins and minerals. Of course you do, you finally eat a lot more vegetables and fruits!
  • you skin is healthier and glowing. Yeap, those vegetables really help! And remeber meat contains a lot of toxins!
  • you never have any transit problem. I said it clearly enough!
  • less weight problems. Because a vegetarian diet has lots of fibers, nutriens and if you pay attention lots of proteins as well and less fat. Yet, sugar is still vegetarian so…sorry, you still have to fight that.
  • you discover new, amazing tastes! Vegetarian cusine is very actively evolving, with fusion food concept pushing into the menus of big restaurant now more than ever. Vegetarian or not, give it a try, i am sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Here are some of my veggie addresses in Paris and i hope you’ll give it a try!

  • Lula Cantine BIO & veggie
  • Sol Semilla: huge plates! soo tasty with south-american influence!
  • IMA CANTINE: my favourite place ever!
  • Tien Hiang: everyting in vegetarian although the name may not say it so! Even my biggest carnivore friends were in love!
  • Le Bichat
  • Miznon Canal
  • Health Inside: yummy brunch!
  • VegEateria: only for lunch, very tasty!
  • Wild & The Moon: hipster and cool!
  • Riz Riz
  • Le Pain Quotidien: good, healthy, veggie options!
  • Paradis du Fruit: there are several and I can always count a good soup and a quinoa salad
  • Ippudo: veggie Ramen! Miam-miam!
  • Le Faitout: home-made vegan cuisine….interesting
  • Bodhi Vegan
  • Soya: a bit pricy but super miam!
  • Jah Jah By Le Tricycle
  • New Soul Food le Maquis
  • Djawa
  • Le Local Bio
  • Le Potager de Charlotte
  • The Little Italy: always a nice vegetarian salad…but hey, all italian restuarants have vegetarian options!!!

And i also hope you’ll try to lower the mean in your diet. Make an experiment, for a week, cook/order/buy dishes that do not have meat. Maybe go for fish at the beggining, eat your tofu, seitan, but also beans and vegetables. You’ll see it is not that difficult!

P.S: i still eat fish every now and then!

P.P.S: stayed tune to my Instangram posts and stories to get tips about veggie dishes/restaurants/events! IM: