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About me and this blog…

I am not perfect and nor do i strive to be perfect, just better! I am in a continous change, in a continuous transition towards a more eco-friendly self, an eco-friendly lifestyle, a way of enjoying life by preserving the health of our planet and healing it where we already created damage.

If you are here, it means you are thinking to do the same…

Let me show you what I am doing, what are my smaller or bigger footsteps into a clean, sustainable and happy living! I am not here to brag, i am not saying: take me as an example! I hope you can learn from my experience and help me improve as well.

I’ll tell you my views and tips on zero-waste bathroom, kitchen, sustainable fashion and beauty, clean energy, healthy eating, lower-impact travelling and share my experiences with sports, arts and hobbies. I hope to show that a happy living can be done perfectly in an ecofriendly way!

Let’s do it together!

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I grew up in countryside Romania where I would see my grandfather take the chicken from the encosure and kill it in front of me. That is what was for lunch in my soup and on my plate. I knew what I was eating. Before Chirstmas, i was terrified to hear the screaming of theLire la suite « Vegetarian/vegan »